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Richard Bagsby For District 41: The People's Candidate

Follow the money

You can learn a lot about a political candidate by where he gets the money to fund his campaign.

Follow the money, and you can usually discover where the loyalties of a political candidate rest. 

If their campaign is primarily funded by lobbyists and corporate interest PACs, you can be sure that their loyalty is going to rest with lobbyists and corporate interest. 

If regularly everyday grassroots Hoosiers primarily fund their campaign, you can be sure that their loyalty rests with the people they will represent. 

Shane Wiest has received over $40,000 in campaign donations from corporate PACs and special interest groups. These donations represent more than two-thirds of his campaign funding. 

My campaign has been funded in large part by regular everyday hardworking Hoosiers like you. I can honestly tell, with a clean conscience, that if you elect me on May 3rd, I will not be beholden to anyone other than the voters of House District 41.

Vote Richard Bagsby on May 3rd! I am a principled grassroots conservative, who will stand for your rights and liberties.