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Don't Let Netflix Influence Our Education System in Indiana

Are you one of the many conservatives who recently canceled your Netflix account, because you could no longer stomach the filth Netflix is pumping into our culture? 

If you are boycotting Netflix, then why would you vote for a politician who took money from an education PAC that is being funded by the CEO of Netflix? 

Shane Weist took a $10,000 donation from a PAC that was funded, in part, by donations from the CEO of Netflix! 

If you want to know how a candidate is going to behave once they are elected, one good measuring stick is to look at who their donors are.  

I have told you from the very beginning that I am the people's candidate. Everyday Hoosiers have entirely funded my campaign just like you. 

I am committed to getting Critical Race Theory, pornography, and other Social Marxist ideas banned from public education in Indiana. I believe this is what the people want, and I am prepared to fight for it.  

This is why the American Family Association of Indiana PAC, a grassroots pro-family PAC, has endorsed me in this race. Micah Clark, the president of AFA of Indiana Pac, has long fought the battle in Indiana to defend family values and to get things like Critical Race Theory, and pornographic sex education removed from the public school system.  He knows that I am prepared to champion the rights of parents and families not to have their children brainwashed in our public schools. 

This is also why Rhonda Miller, the President of Indiana Purple for Parents has given me her personal endorsement. For years now Rhonda has been leading the charge for the removal of harmful Critical Race Theory, and other dangerous ideas from our public schools, and I am thankful to have the opportunity to join her in the fight. 

And finally, it is why I have the support of Indiana Liberty Defense PAC, which is the primary group behind the current grassroots uprising here in Indiana! 

There is a clear choice to be made here between me and Shane Wiest.

Do you want the guy who is taking money from PACs that are funded by people like the CEO of Netflix along with all kinds of other special interest groups, and whose endorsement comes primarily from the Indy Swamp…

…OR, do you want the guy whose campaign has been funded by everyday Hoosiers like you, and who has the support of grassroots champions like Micah Clark, and Rhonda Miller and the Indiana Liberty Defense PAC?

Vote Richard Bagsby on May 3rd for Indiana House. I will fight to kick CRT and pornography out of our public schools here in Indiana.