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"IS THERE NOT A CAUSE" These are the words, King David used, as a boy, to his brothers, before he defeated Goliath!! I too say, is there not a cause, my brothers, and sisters in liberty, to take back our medical freedoms? Or our constitutional rights? In this day and age, where mandates can become law and Americans are muzzled it is time that we vote for a Constitutional Republican.  It is time that we vote in a fighter!  May 3rd vote Richard Bagsby as your next State Representative for district 41.


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Key Issues

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Life over politics

Protecting The Unborn

I am a proud father and grandfather.  Protecting my children is not just a right but a God given duty.  As your State Rep, I plan to fight against the system that wishes harm upon our children inside and out of the womb by voting to end the quiet genocide of abortion.  We must compassionately advocate for women and children to cultivate a pro-life environment and support facilities such as the Matrix that help women who are undecided and unsure about the life growing inside the womb.  Additionally, adoption and foster care should be a top priority, focusing on the quality and permanency of child placement.


Tomorrows Leaders

I believe that it is our job as parents, first and foremost, to teach our children the key principles of life. We should love one another as you love yourself, be morally upright and respectful, and develop a good work ethic. Building on these Hoosier values, parents should be empowered and encouraged to take part in their children's education.  They are uniquely equipped to seek the best interest of their kids. The government must not usurp the role of parents in caring for their children.  As your State Rep. I will be sure to vote against any bill that would introduce social initiative programs such as critical race theory and social emotional learning.

Health Care

Medical Freedom

When it comes to health care we have the freedoms' to choose what healthcare treatment is best for us and not what the government mandates for us.  As your State Rep. I will fight for your medical freedoms' by voting against any and all unlawful mandates such as mask and forced vaccinations and also banning schools from practicing medical procedures like vaccinated children and implementing mask mandates in school and on the buses without the written consent of parents.  We as Hoosiers know what's best for our individual lives and the lives of our children and do not need the government's involvement in our personal decisions when it comes to body autonomy.

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Defining the Future by Defying the narrative.

I am unapologetically a black Conservative, defender of our liberty, and a voice for the forgotten men and women.  I stand firm in defending the constitution, I am Pro-Life, and a proud Christian.  My purpose is to do my part in protecting our individual rights, Restrict the Government and protect our second amendment.  My name is Richard R Bagsby, and I am running as your new District 41 State Representative. 
A native of Indiana, I was raised by a single mother in poverty and inside a crime ridden neighborhood.  I made my way from surviving the struggles of childhood including child abuse from an abusive stepfather, to making mistakes in my youth that could have altered my life permanently.  Through my faith in God and the power of prayer, I have done a complete turn around and now I am a very successful parent and grandparent along with my beautiful wife, Sara Bagsby.  I am an Ordained Minister that has outreached numerous times in our communities, counseling and inspiring a multitude of our youth. Professionally, I am a Construction Managing Superintendent for one of the leading commercial construction companies in the Midwest. I continue to hold my union card as a Journeyman carpenter for the local 215.  I diligently worked my way up from a pre-apprentice to my current status. I am also a licensed real estate agent for Keller Williams. 
My message is a message of defiance in the face of an emerging society trend, whose aim is to suppress our liberties and freedoms through mandates, shaming, and bully tactics.  I am today's warrior and tomorrow's leader. I am here to replenish the ranks of political soldiers whose only goal is to preserve a culture that although it has seen its fair share of ups and downs never strayed from the absolute true principal of the American Dream, FREEDOM! 
So please join the movement and vote Richard Bagsby as your next State Representative!  Thank you and God Bless.

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Take Action

My fellow American and friend, I would like to personally thank you for showing an interest to my campaign.  Without your support and Americans like you, our efforts would be suppressed.  Since you value Freedom, Justice, and Liberty like I do, please consider giving a small monetary gift to help spread the message.  Thank you for your support and your vote.  God bless you and your family, and God bless America!



Thank you for your interest in Richard Bagsby for District 41. If you want to volunteer please submit your information and we will contact you.  Thank you.

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